Compounded Veterinary Medicine: It Makes A Difference.

Many times a veterinary medication is no longer made by the manufacturer,
or an animal is unable to take the medication in the form that is
commercially available. In these instances, a Veterinarian will contact a
compounding pharmacy, like Vodden Pharmacy, to provide solutions to
these challenges.

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The Triad Relationship

Veterinarians, Pharmacists, and pet owners work together to improve the lives of animals by formulating ways to make medications that appeal to both pet and owner. This is called the triad relationship and is considered the foundation of specialized compounded veterinary preparations. When Veterinarians need alternative ways to treat their patients they turned to a licensed compounding pharmacy for medicine problem solving. Once the medicine is determined, the pet owner, Veterinarian and Pharmacists identify the best delivery option.
Vodden acknowledges how important our role is in the triad relationship. We maintain open and constant communication with the Veterinarians and their staff, answering any questions that may arise and aspiring to meet their patients’ needs. Our staff is dedicated to a total approach of professionalism.


We make highly effective topicals for inflammation, muscle strain/tears, post-surgical orthopaedic pain.


We make highly effective topicals for inflammation, muscle strain and “tennis elbow”.


We make highly effective topicals for inflammation, metatarsal pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles pain, neuropathic foot pain.


We make highly effective topicals for inflammation, muscle strain/tears, and nerve pain.


We make highly effective topicals for inflammation, muscle strain and arthritis.


We have highly effective topicals for inflammation, muscle strain/tears,headache, nerve pain.


We have highly effective topicals for inflammation, muscle strain/tears, nerve pain.


We make highly soothing compounds for anal fissures and miscellaneous rectal pain.


Vodden Pharmacy can:

  • Customize dosages and strengths of medications
  • Add flavoring to medications to make them more palatable
  • Create alternate dosage forms
  •  Compound discontinued or hard to find medications

Vodden Pharmacy has extensive experience formulating pharmaceutical
prescriptions to enhance the treatment of veterinary patients.
Transdermal Gels:
If you are looking for an alternative to oral medications, transdermal gels
may be a delivery form to consider. Wellness can use the active ingredients
of a medication and create a gel which is absorbed through the skin when
rubbed into the animal’s ear or a shaved area.
In some cases, capsules may be an easier medicating option.
Encapsulation can be helpful to combine several ingredients. Also, many
discontinued or no longer commercially available drugs are compounded
into capsule form.

Flavor Enhancers:
To administer oral liquid medications to an animal more easily, you should
consider adding a flavor enhancer to the medication. Vodden has more
than 100 flavors available to chose from including fish, liver, beef, chicken,
peanut butter, banana and bubble gum. Most common veterinary
preparations can be formulated into oral suspensions or solutions.
The Vodden Difference:
As your leading compounding pharmacy, we realize it is important to stay
abreast of the needs and discoveries of veterinary preparations through
continuing education. Vodden Pharmacy is the only pharmacy that
continually supports and sponsors veterinary educational programs
throughout the Southeast. Also, our staff takes advantage of educational
programs through the Professional Compounding Centers of America
(PCCA) as well as many other educational programs.
At Vodden Pharmacy, our commitment to animals goes beyond the inside
of our pharmacy and actually reaches out into our community.


With over a decade of experience.

we’ll ensure you always get the best Results.


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Memberships, Associations and Suppliers